hCG Diet Starter Kit

hCG Diet Starter Kit : hCG Drops: Activator and Stabilizer / Lhotse and Litoral regenerative preparation / Brochure / Recipes for diet.

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The starter kit was created for people who supplement every day, whose awareness of continuous health care is a priority.

At this price you also get from us:

in addition to a set of drops, two Lhotse and Litoral preparations protecting our liver and kidneys against increased release of toxins burned during weight loss.

At this price you also get from us:

  • a very carefully described brochure that will guide you through each Stage of the Diet.
  • necessary spoon for applying the Drops
  • recipes for the Activation and Stabilization Stage (also vegetarian versions)

Starter Kit Composition

  1. Set of hcg drops

Activator 55 ml and Stabilizer 55ml.

Drops are the basis for carrying out the hCG diet.

Activator drops cause the loss of unnecessary, deposited fat, which is the most difficult to lose: abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks.

They improve health parameters, skin condition – wrinkles become shallow and cellulite disappears .

Stabilizer  drops are necessary to maintain weight and change metabolic pathways. Thanks to carefully selected signals from hormones: dopamine and serotonin, which give a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction.  The most important, however, is the unique signal of human leptin, which gives a feeling of satiety, which greatly facilitates weight maintenance and healthy eating habits.

Polish manufacturer that guarantees constant quality control of drops.

The product does not contain a hormone, has not been tested on animals and is based on 16 years of clinical trials.

    2.Litoral – a mineral preparation based on zeolite, captures toxins, bacteria and viruses from the body. Supports detox 300g

    3.Lhotse – alkaline regenerative preparation for bathing, supports detoxification, soothes, moisturizes and smoothes the skin 1000g

*Use in accordance with the instructions on the product labels

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